Noviprena – capsules for correct visual acuity and good vision. Review


Visual impairment and all related diseases are a common and very burdensome problem that affects a large part of the population. More than 40% of our society has significant visual impairment that could be prevented in the early stages of the disease. Progressive vision problems are often neglected and diagnosed too late.

The first signs of deterioration of the sense of sight are lens opacity, too fast eyestrain, and blurred vision. They may indicate a developing cataract or glaucoma. Lack of treatment may lead to reduced visibility or complete blindness. What can be done to avoid this condition? First of all, you need to act – with a bit of stubbornness, anyone can cope with the processes of progressive defect with NoviPrena capsules – the most modern natural product for visual ailments!

The eye problems affect almost everyone

Vision impairment is a term used to describe various defects and disproportions of vision that are subjectively observed by the affected person. The reasons for their occurrence are different – some of them, like glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration, are related to age. Others, such as change of visual acuity, double vision, blurred image, spots, or loss of vision, are refractive defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). Sometimes vision disorders may indicate illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension. In most cases, our lifestyle influences the formation of these disorders. Long time spent in front of electrical equipment screens, artificial light and poor sleep hygiene tires our eyes and weakens them. It is important to remember that the eye is a muscle and, just like muscles, it needs appropriate nutrients to function better and not lose its properties.

Above all, proper prevention is a demanding but effective process. There are no shortcuts, but modern medicine has found many effective ways of dealing with these problems.

Take care of your eyesight from Noviprena

If you care about a long-term effect, taking care of the health of your eyes, as well as the reconstruction of the organ and improvement of vision, you should:

  1. Provide adequate nutrients for the eye to regenerate and function properly for many years;
  2. Effectively prevent the ageing of the eye and its further degradation;
  3. Support the body in its daily functioning.

Scientists focused on this type of action, developing the Noviprena formula. The implementation of an appropriate treatment and systematic use of the recommended doses will help you regain your sight and protect your eye against aging. Noviprena is a conscious choice of a person who cares about his or her eyesight and focuses on long-term effects.

NoviPrena owes its effectiveness and uniqueness to many years of research by scientists from the Adam Mickiewicz University, perfectly selected ingredients, and pro-natural manufacturer policy. The excellent formula gives quick effects, and the action of the preparation significantly improves the quality of life.

Composition of Noviprena capsules

  • Taurine – Is a very important compound for eye health. Maintaining an appropriate level is of great importance for preventing age-related blindness. The loss of sight, which occurs over the years, is primarily due to the adverse effects of oxidative stress on sun-sensitive retinal cells.
  • Group B vitamins – The purpose of B vitamins in the functioning of the eye is to support the optic nerve. Scientific research published in “Archives Eyes of Internal Medicine” shows that vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid reduce the risk of macular degeneration related to age by up to 40%.
  • Alpha lipoic acid – As we age, we become more susceptible to cataract development, lens opacity, which affects blurring. The main problem associated with the development of this disease is the influence of oxidative stress on the lens of the eye. Research shows that lipoic acid helps to prevent cataract development. Scientists believe that its beneficial effects may be associated with increasing the level of significant endogenous antioxidant enzymes.
  • Vitamin D3 – Providing appropriate doses of vitamin D in the diet has a huge impact on preventing the development of glaucoma and conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome or myopia and macular degeneration. Vitamin D is one of the best nutrients for the eyes.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – Some eye diseases such as glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration may be associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Coenzyme Q10 helps to fight mitochondrial disorders and their effects in the form of excess free radicals. It may play a special role in glaucoma prevention.
  • Ginkgo biloba – This inconspicuous plant increases the blood supply to the eyes in the elderly and causes a clear long-term improvement in vision in patients with senile macular degeneration.
  • Magnesium – The symptoms of magnesium deficiency in a part of the eye may be blurred vision and opacity of the lens.

Improve your quality of life with Noviprena

NoviPrena is not just empty promises. Research on this supplement took many years and focused not only on the symptoms of vision problems, but also on the causes of their occurrence. The project was so extensive that it showed important links between eye diseases and the general condition of the body. Specialists placed particular emphasis on reducing complaints such as:

  • remote evaluation problems
  • mobility problems
  • cataract prevention
  • prevention of glaucoma
  • alarming bright light
  • foggy
  • snap
  • rapid eye fatigue
  • color perception disorders
  • distorted or double vision

It turned out that many of them were symptoms of deficiency of coenzyme Q10 and other active substances. Coenzyme is a substance needed for the proper functioning of every cell in our body. By developing an appropriate formula, it is effectively absorbed into our body and improves its functioning. NoviPrena focuses on the eyes, but coenzymes have a positive effect on all organs of our body, which additionally supports the eyes. However, it should be remembered that only an appropriate dose and substances facilitating the absorption of coenzyme will give positive effects. Therefore, you should remember to use only products from proven manufacturers and to use NoviPrena supplement regularly.

NoviPrena – effectiveness studies. This product speaks for itself!

Clinical experiments on the formula of NoviPrena supplement started in 2010. This year, the polish professor of medicine, prof. nat. med. Andrzej Chęciński came up with an idea to conduct clinical trials related to the influence of coenzyme Q10 on cataract development in elderly people. Phenomenal results of the research made scientists from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań interested in the subject. They decided to spend additional funds from the European Union grant to develop a revolutionary supplement that would support the process of vision, while being completely natural.

In the following year, cooperation with the Faculty of Ophthalmology of the University of New York was established to invite local scientists to jointly develop the formula. The American scientists suggested adding taurine to the supplement, which is used in many medications in the United States and natural therapies performed by Native Americans. In later years, Professor Chęciński and his team worked in America, conducting scientific work, and giving lectures. Three years later Professor Chęciński moved his research back to Poznań.

The experiments related to the NoviPrena supplement started in 2016 and lasted three years.

1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week
NoviPrena +3% +6% +11% +20%
Placebo 0,0% +0,1% +0,1% +0,1%

Table: improvement of visual acuity of persons qualified for the experiment.

Only people with vision problems, glaucoma, myopia, astigmatism, and cataracts were invited to the experiment. The patients were divided into two groups: one took a specially selected daily dose of the prototype NoviPrena supplement, while the other took placebo pills.

The differences were visible from the very beginning. In the first week of the experiment, people receiving NoviPrena supplement performed much better in visual acuity tests. At the same time, no changes were noted in the second group.

Even bigger difference could be seen in the further course of the experiment. At the time when the subjects taking NoviPrena gained new visual acuity, there was no change in the placebo group. Many patients in the placebo group reported eye pain in the evening. Eventually, after four weeks, the NoviPrena group recorded an improvement of up to 20%!

Opinions on the NoviPrena supplement

„My ophthalmologist started prescribing vitamins for my eyes, so I took several different types. They were all fine, some better than others, but my eyesight was getting worse with age, so I started looking for another kind. I decided to try NoviPrena, I am very happy that I did it. The first 2 capsules were fantastic. My eyesight was wonderfully brightened! On the second day my eyesight was still improving. Tomorrow is day three. I’m 63 years old and I’m definitely not rich, so I wasn’t sure if I could afford to throw out money for supplements, but then I found support from NoviPrena! I am very happy that I decided to try!!!”

Konrad, 63

„My surgeon told me I need surgery to remove wrinkles on the retina. Waiting for a second opinion, I was taking the NoviPrena supplement. After a few weeks, one evening I was watching TV and I was surprised to realize that for the first time in years I could read printed material on TV without any effort. The problem that originally caused me to consult a surgeon was the difficulty of reading. I am still planning to see a second surgeon for his opinion, but this sight supplement helped me a lot!”

Aneta, 25

„I’m 65 and I have eye cancer. My eye was irradiated 5 months ago for a week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a radioactive disk sewn to my eyeball. The radiation was supposed to speed up my eye’s aging. Before that, I’m getting cataracts, separation of the vitreous body, cataracts… I’ve had strange side effects of radiation… double vision and “glow,” and I lose sight where there is a tumor. Needless to say, I was desperate.

I tried other eye formulas, and I really didn’t see the difference. I know nothing can cure me, I’m just worried about my eyesight, and all I can do now is have a plus. This is my first bottle of NoviPrena and I’m sure I’ll still buy it. I have no problems with dry eye syndrome. I have more days of good eyes than bad eyes. It looks like my eyesight has stabilized. It’s so scary how much you take your eyes for granted until something happens to them. I just want my eyes to be as healthy as I can. I think I finally found the perfect supplement.”

Agnieszka, 65

Noviprena – new quality of life, better eyesight. All natural!

Undoubtedly, NoviPrena sets new trends in curing many eye ailments. Its application brings a number of benefits, and those who recommend this method owe much good to themselves and their loved ones. It is worth appreciating the hard work of people whose intention is human health. Buy NoviPrena supplement and enjoy healthy eyesight.!

FAQ – Noviprena

Who is the NoviPrena supplement for?

The product is intended for people over the age of eighteen who have visual problems. The product can also be used prophylactically.

What is the suggested daily dose?

Based on clinical studies, the recommended daily intake of capsules is 2. Suggested time of consumption is 30 minutes before breakfast or an hour before a big meal - lunch or dinner.

What are the contraindications for taking the product?

The product should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or by persons allergic to any of the supplement components.

Why should I buy Noviprena capsules?

It's an investment in health. Secondly, NoviPrena provides as many as 10 active ingredients, and its effects will be visible as soon as a few hours after the first dose is taken. The third argument is the fact that more and more people around the world are starting to use this product and positively recommend its action on public forums, blogs, or social media.